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Clear 3D Studio Gel™

An essential in every creator’s collection, meet your new nail art gel go-to. A translucent 3D Studio Gel™ that can be used on its own or with colours. This dense, buildable, non-drip formula makes creating 3D and textured effects a breeze. With no need for a top coat or wipe after curing. The possibilities are infinite thanks to our new 3D Studio Gel™ formulation.

  • Unique dense, buildable non-drip formula​
  • No need for a top coat or wipe after curing (tack-free, no sticky layer)​
  • Create limitless 3D nail art designs with precision application​
  • Versatile product that can be mixed with gel polish to create any colour you would like​
  • Suitable for any experience​
  • To remove, debulk and soak off with acetone​

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