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Looking to switch up your TGB SwatchPro™ or add in some nail art designs for your clients to try on? This pack includes a total of 72 spare nail tips (3 strips of 24) designed to fit inside your TGB SwatchPro™. The flexibility of spare nail tips gives you the freedom to refresh your TGB SwatchPro™, swapping in your new colours or why not create some on-trend or seasonal nail art designs for this season to share with your customers!

Directions for use: Gently pull out the existing nail tip from your SwatchPro row. Add a small amount of glue to the top of the newly painted tip and insert it into your SwatchPro row. Hold in place until it’s dry. Don’t forget to add the shade name sticker onto the back too. Alternatively, for nail art, you can keep a record of each shade you used to create a design and note the number of that nail pop in your TGB SwatchPro™, simple!